XIX Century

The Palladian Villa

Once upon a time in the Jura, a certain Emmanuel Jobez, ironmaster of State, returned from one of his trips to Italy with a love for Italian art so profound that he wanted to bring it home with him to Syam in the form of a splendid villa inspired by Palladio, the undisputed master of Renaissance architecture. It was in this way that in 1818, in the midst of an immense wooded park, he had a little jewel of symmetry constructed. On the outside, its sunshine yellow façades contrast with the deep greens of the Jura’s pine trees. Inside, everything speaks of good taste and noble materials. The highpoint of the visit lies at the centre of the villa where a wonderful architectural surprise awaits you. How about extending your experience of the Italian art de vivre by staying at the gite or the guest house located on the estate?