Porte d'Arroux

9AM – A truly great gateway

Welcome to Augustodunum (it’s always more impressive when you speak in Latin). Enter straight into the heart of the subject via the Porte d’Arroux, a vestige of the Roman era that allowed access into the town to be controlled. Even though this door is only partially intact these days, it goes without saying that when it was built, it was built to last!

Temple de Janus

10AM – Controversy rages

Head west, to the Temple of Janus… Except that the experts are in disagreement. Theoretically, this Roman temple was never dedicated to Janus (you know, the two-faced God, one face turned to the past and the other to the future), but to another divinity. Which one is a mystery… And it’s better like that, as it adds a touch of spice to this magnificent ruin.

Cathédrale Saint Lazare

11.30AM -A « Biblical » monument

Now head south, towards Saint-Lazare Cathedral. In 3km you have gone back 12 centuries in one leap (Yes, Autun is a bit like a giant time machine). As you arrive before it, you can’t help but stop for a moment and gaze up at the tympanum that sits atop its lintel and represents the Last Judgement. It tells a story of angels and demons, of the dammed saved from hell… You may need to take your time with this. Every details counts!


1PM – Lunch time!

If the weather is fine, we suggest you enjoy a day without restaurants…Don’t be silly. We don’t mean a day walking around with nothing to eat…That would be tough! The best plan for a day like this would be a picnic…A lovely slice of parsley ham, a Judru (a fat dried sausage), some excellent country bread and it’s in the bag…well, in the shopping bag, in fact! Head to the north of Autun, on the banks of the River Arroux, to really enjoy it.

Théatre Gallo-romain

2.30PM – Back to Antiquity

Have you ever had a strange feeling that something truly remarkable has happened on the very spot where you are standing? Well, that is certainly what will happen if you visit the ruins of the Roman theatre. There may not be much of it left, but this theatre used to hold 20,000 (it was the largest of its kind in Roman Europe) so it is sure to stir the emotions…

Musée Rolin

5.30PM – Musée Rolin

Finish the day peacefully with a visit to Musée Rolin… “Who is this Monsieur Rolin?” If you are asking yourself this you must have rushed your visit to Saint-Lazare Cathedral, because this XII Century figure’s destiny was intimately linked to this monument. A quick revision session at the museum ought to explain this to you in greater detail. And this time, make sure not to rush :o)

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