Ville de Cluny

9AM – Scouting the location

Upon arriving in Cluny, you know that your day will be full as there is so much to see! But that is no reason for rushing off like a headless chicken in all directions. That would be the best way to miss something. You need a plan! Firstly, scout the location with a visit to the town, its small narrow streets, the parish of Saint-Benoît or the church of Notre-Dame that all lurk in the shadow of the Abbey.

Abbaye de Cluny

10AM – A “monumental” visit

Now it’s time to get to the meat of the subject. And what a subject! Cluny Abbey commands its very own chapter in the history of France. Imagine, at the end of the XI Century, 1,400 religious sites spread across Europe were under the direction of this abbey, more than 10,000 monks followed their doctrine under the guidance of Mazarin or Richelieu that were its successive heads! But despite its power, the abbey suffered from tragic luck… we won’t explain that to you now. To learn more you will have to visit!

Pain sur la table

1.30PM – Feeling a little peckish

Just after midday it’s high time to find a restaurant. If possible, a “good” restaurant. Here, if you ask locals in the know, one address crops up repeatedly: Le Pain sur la Table. It’s an original name and we hope the cuisine will be too. Go in and settle down with minimum fuss… What strikes you is that you feel like you are not in a restaurant, but rather the friendliness of the place will make you feel that you have been invited to a friend’s house… Now that’s a plan!


2PM – On horseback

To let your food go down, visit the Cluny National Stud. You might think that a stud is a stud… In short, a horsebox, a horse, another horsebox, another horse… and so on. Yes… and No. The stud at Cluny is a veritable institution, a monument in the noble sense of the term. It has been Royal and Imperial before becoming National… In fact, over its 200 years of existence it has collected more than a few stories to tell, as well as a never-ending ballet performed by the immaculately presented horses (that is due to its military history, no doubt).

Arts et Métiers

4.30PM – Welcome to the Hypes

Return to Cluny Abbey, but this time taking a step back in time… The Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Métiers school welcomes you for a more extreme visit (but still approachable, rest assured. It’s just that we are dealing with what France does best, at the crossroads of art and high technology). Do you recall the virtual reality “mirror” that allowed you to see the Abbey this morning as it was in its pomp? Well it was created here, as well as other things that we will let you discover!


6.30PM – The day comes to an end…

but not without an essential visit to the Château de Cormatin, less than 20km north of Cluny. Constructed in the XVII Century, its destiny was intimately linked to that of Cluny Abbey because, although it was originally just a fortified house, its main role was to control access to Grosne along the riverbank. Later, as a grand folly of its owner, it was razed in 1606, making way for the Château de Cormatin that you see today… or almost, because wars and fires have taken their toll on this château!!

Cluny, want to know more about it ?