Montbeliard - © CRT Bourgogne Franche Comte - Michel Joly

10AM – Town centre

At the crossroads of Switzerland and Germany, Montbéliard (and its region) are worth hanging around for. What better introduction to the town than a stroll in its welcoming centre that has been regularly prized for its flower displays? Colourful façades, half-timbering and traditions all combine to give it its soul and justify its Art and History label.

Chateau de Montbeliard - © CRT Bourgogne Franche Comte - Michel Joly

11AM – Romantic château

Did you know that Montbéliard was a German principality for four centuries? This lengthy chapter of its history opened in 1793 with the marriage of the heir of Comté to a young German prince, the Count of Wurtemberg. Fruit of this union, the town has kept a deeply romantic château with an impressive main building and two towers. Don’t forget to go and visit in order to enjoy the views, as well as the collections of archaeology and natural history dedicated to local palaeontologist, Georges Cuvier.

Restaurant les Bains Douches de Montbeliard ©CRT Bourgogne Franche Comte

12PM – Former wash-house

At the restaurant Les Bains-Douches, you can dive directly into an open kitchen and admire the chefs
at work, appreciate the pretty decoration made up of mosaics taken from the former public baths and also, above all, sample a well-priced cuisine that is totally home-made.

Musee Aventure Peugeot © CRT Bourgogne Franche Comte - Samuel Carnovali

2PM – The Peugeot saga

It is difficult to ignore the famous lion brand that has carved out the history and economy of the Pays
de Montbéliard. Firstly, there is the production site that has been here since 1912, in which nearly 100,000 people worked to create 1,800 vehicles every day (visits available by reservation)! There is also the Aventure Peugeot Museum where a wide variety of models are on show: racing cars, convertibles with retro charm, iconic vehicles…they are all here!

Pavillon des Sciences de Montbeliard - © CRT Bourgogne Franche Comte

4PM – Scientific discoveries

Would-be explorers and curious visitors from everywhere can rendezvous at the Pavillon des Sciences. Throughout the year this beautiful space hosts temporary exhibitions that are interactive and always great fun. It’s enough to make you see science from a different angle!

Parc du Pre la Rose- © CRT Bourgogne Franche Comte - Michel Joly

5.30PM – A park full of surprises

Exploration and recreation can be enjoyed outdoors at the immense Parc du Près la Rose. A living maze, water games, giant insects, rare plants, scientific mysteries…Set off to explore this fabulous garden on foot or on a Conference Bike, a bike with 7 seats that provides explanations throughout the trail of the scientific curiosities you come across, such as the Galileo Sphere, a granite sphere weighing 1.5t that can be set rolling with just the push of your finger.