Happiness is knowing how to enjoy the simple things in life, such as a breath of fresh air in the great outdoors, far from the dust particles, CO2 emissions and other pollutants of our urban world. An invitation…

The Charolais-Brionnais

In some little corners of France, stress, pollution and the hectic life of the city have no effect. The Pays Charolais-Brionnais is one of those places. Far from the pressures of modern living, it is time to go back to nature. But not just any old nature! Here, truly 5* grass covers the bocage hedgerows, prairies and fields! The farmers of the local area are certainly no fools. They make the most of this grass to feed the iconic Charolaise breed of cattle and they maintain agricultural plots of exceptional quality, their bocage hedgerows currently bidding for UNESCO World heritage status! But don’t be fooled; this little countryside setting is not all about cows in fields! There are distinguished châteaux, a multitude of Romanesque churches, pretty museums, canals, the Loire, cycling trails…enough for you to create an abundance of memories of your holidays in the countryside.

Other pleasures nearby:

  • In just a small area you can admire one of the greatest concentrations of Romanesque churches in France.

  • Treat yourself to two excellent AOP products: Charolais beef and Charolais goat cheese.

  • Dive into a source of wellbeing at the Bourbon-Lancy thermal baths.

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Solutré – Pouilly – Vergisson 

Do you feel like hitting the heights, being free to enjoy wide-open spaces? We have not 1, but 3 sites to offer! Firstly, the Roche de Solutré is the big brother of this fraternity. A monumental sculpture that nature has gifted us, it overlooks the vineyards of the Côte Mâconnaise. A little bit to the right sits its little sister, the Roche de Vergisson, which can easily be confused with Solutré so strong is family resemblance. Finally, the baby of the family, Mont Pouilly, is a bit more rounded that its two bigger siblings. Each one has its own character, of course, but one thing that is certain is that this family offers a warm welcome and loves inviting you to stroll around the garden that lies at its feet…and what a garden it is!

Other pleasures not far away

  • The Château de Pierreclos, blending wine and history, appears in the film “Premier Cru”

  • The museum of prehistory in Solutré lets you know everything about the last 50,000 years of life on Earth.

  • The Voie Verte trail is perfectly safe and lets you enjoy a breath of fresh air on foot or by bike…especially with the whole family.

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Enjoy the silence….

Of all the daily nuisances that blight out lives, noise is undoubtedly the worst. So, “Enjoy the Silence” may seem an odd notion, nonetheless… Imagine yourself on the shores of a lake as dusk approaches, with just the lapping of the water and a summer breeze blowing in the leaves… Nothing else. Does it still seem like a strange notion to you?

Colline de Vézelay

Places to recharge the batteries and get away from everything are plentiful… But there are two unique spots, where the weight of the past demands respect. The power that they exude is matched only by the feeling of liberty they provide. Vézelay is one of those sites. At the foot of a majestic basilica, the view out across the green spaces of the Morvan bestows upon the visitor a sense of calm and serenity that is truly timeless.

Other pleasures nearby

  • Discover Avallon, a town fortified by Vauban on the doorstep of the Morvan

  • Climb atop the double bridge of Pierre-Perthuis for the ideal 360° view across the Morvan.

  • Visit the Art Colas lace factory in Clamecy and Vézelay, where the passion and savoir-faire of the Master lace workers has been at play since the XVIII Century


Abbaye de Reigny

Enjoying the silence is a rare commodity these days… But there are still a few places out of the ordinary that allow you to do just that. And what better place than an abbey? Rest assured, we are not going to suggest you join a religious order to get in here. The 300 Cistercian monks that occupied this spot during the Middle Ages have sice left, allowing you the chance to enjoy a most relaxing break.

Other pleasures nearby

  • Visit the Arcy sur Cure grotto (11 caves in total), a reminder of prehistoric times that date back 33,000 years.

  • Stroll along the River Cure, on forest paths that cut between centuries old trees and tumultuous streams.

  • Discover the caves of Bailly that were cut into the living rock, the birthplace of AOC Crémant de Bourgogne sparkling wine. This is an exceptional visit to caves the likes of which you have never seen before.


Recharge your batteries….

C’est dans l’air du temps : on rêve de parenthèse bien-être, de quiétude et de repos loin du tumulte quotidien. Qu’à cela ne tienne, en Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, les thermes de Salins-les-Bains et luxeuil-les-Bains vous invitent à buller…tout simplement

Roman baths at Luxeuil-les-Bains

Already in Antiquity the Romans were on the right track. They built the very first thermal baths for relaxing in. Now it is your turn to take advantage of the thousand-year-old benefits of these hot water springs that are so rich in oligo elements. I bet you are already feeling better!

Bonheurs en plus, pas loin:

  • Feel as though you are in Canada in the Mille Etangs region

  • Do your hair and put on your finery to explore Luxeuil, a town built in pink sandstone that is full of charm and surprises.

  • Lose yourself amidst the cherry trees and step inside the Eco-museum devoted to the cherry in order to get the inside track on the story of Kirsch

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The Dead Sea in Salins-les-Bains

The White Gold of the Jura has been a source of wealth for the region for many years and is today your ally for detox and beauty treatments at an entirely renovated 800m² centre that is bright and Zen. On the programme: traditional Jacuzzis, hammam and massages, but especially the hot water springs that are reputedly richer in mineral salts than the waters of the Dead Sea. It makes you feel like diving right in!

Other pleasures nearby:, pas loin :

  • Trace the history of the White Gold of the Jura at the salt museum in the Grande Saline salt works, and then at the Saline Royale that is listed by UNESCO.

  • Make a small incursion into the Jura wine region just a few short kilometres away.

  • Stretch your legs along the walking trails and see the mountains start to rise at Mont Poupet.

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